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Seeking australiansingle malts

The largest country in Oceania, Australia, is also an ancient land in terms of whisky production. This year, La Maison du Whisky went to these southern lands to select several casks at Starward, Sullivan’s Cove or Hellyer’s Road. In addition to an undeniable whisky culture, Australia is home to small treasures, both natural, such as its fauna and flora, and man-made, such as its gastronomy. Through this web-series of 5 episodes, discover this country of a thousand facets.

Episode 2

Whisky selection at the Starward distillery in Melbourne

Episode 3

Melbourne, a city of gourmets

Episode 4

Hellyers Road Disitllery, on the lands of the Tasmanian devil

Episode 5

The meticulousness of Sullivans Cove Distillery & the eccentricity of the MONA Museum

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