The original creations of four inspired bartenders


The Velier company was founded by the Chaix family in 1947. From 1953 to 1983, this small traditional company, located in the port of Gênes, specialised in the importation and distribution of wines, champagnes and spirits. In 1983, then aged 25, Luca Gargano acquired shares in Velier. Under his influence the company began specialising in the importation of exceptional spirits to be supplied to the most prestigious establishments in Italy. In the early 1990s, Luca Gargano heard rumours of a mythical, quasi-legendary stock of St James Rum that had supposedly been distilled at the end of the 19th century. And in 1991, following lengthy discussions, Luca finally managed to acquire the entirety of this stock, which he then released on the Italian market. These selections of rums have since multiplied and led to the birth of exceptional ranges.

Angelo Canessa
Mixology Manager at Velier

After many years of experience as a head bartender in various locations across Europe, Angelo joined Velier in 2016. The Genoise business was then developing in the cocktail scene and created its own bar on the premises. Angelo has turned it into a laboratory of experiments to give birth to his ideas, like the Rum Machine. Velier’s expert in mixology imagined this concept following the Whisky Live Paris, during which he made more than 1000 cocktails in one day. He was then given the nickname of Rum Machine. That was all it took to give birth to a bar, whose back bar was mainly made up of a new category of white rums, called New Colours, including among others Clairins, Veritas, Rum Fire and Grogue.


30 ml of Rum Fire
20 ml of green Chartreuse
20 ml of Velvet Falernum
25 ml of fresh limejuice


30 ml of Nikka Coffey Gin
20 ml of Sake Junmai
15 ml of Rice Shochu
15 ml of orgeat syrup
15 ml of fresh limejuice
25 ml of CBD and Hibiscus infused sparkling water


4 Quai des Chartrons | 33000 Bordeaux

Both a cocktail bar and a restaurant, Symbiose, as its name suggests, is all about synergies. It is located on the banks of Bordeaux, and is the fruit of the meeting of Simon, Lucas, Thomas and Felix. The meals are at the service of the creation of cocktails and the cocktails are thought to enhance the Chef’s cuisine. Hidden behind the restaurant like a speakeasy, in an intimate and bewitching atmosphere of stone and steel, the cocktail bar signs a card inspired by the pantry of the day, in order not to waste anything.

Simon Cholet
Bartender at Symbiose

After working at the Park Hyatt, the Prescription Cocktail Club and the Sherry Butt, Simon joined forces with three other epicurean friends to found Symbiose. Already well-versed in the art of cocktails, he imagined this first establishment as the anchor for many other initiatives. Convinced that it is possible to go far beyond associating cocktails with dishes, he dares and shows creativity: among his creations are syrups made from pea pods, grapefruit seed extracts, and other homemade extractions made from fresh produce.

Experimental Group

The Experimental Group was founded by Olivier Bon, Pierre-Charles Cros and Romée de Goriainoff, three childhood friends with a taste for innovation. Passionate about the cocktail culture that was developing in New York and London, and convinced that Paris could regain its place of choice in this universe, they opened the Experimental Cocktail Club in 2007. After working in various bars in Paris and London on brand launches, among other things, and after setting up his own company, Xavier Padovani became the fourth partner at the head of the group in 2010, fitting in perfectly with the group’s culture: offering a warm and contemporary experience to a demanding clientele from all over the world. Small producers and seasonal products are favoured, whether in the food, spirits or wine sector. Today the group has its own speakeasies, wine bars, restaurants and hotels in Paris, New York, London, Ibiza, Minorca, Venice and Verbier.

Maxime Potfer
Beverage manager at the Experimental Cocktail Club

After honing his skills in prestigious hotel bars, Maxime joined the Experimental Group in 2013, where he continued to evolve, little by little. From barman of the Experimental Cocktail Club to Bar Manager and then Consultant and Beverage Manager, he has gradually developed his expertise and creativity in the world of mixology. In 2019 he also set up his own consultancy company, offering advice on the designing bars and cocktails menus. His goal? To share his philosophy of mixology, using quality, artisanal and local products, and to leave a lasting impression to each of his customer.


40 ml of Alipus San Juan del Rio
25 ml of Verdelho Madeira
A pinch of salt
Homemade bitter almond soda


with DASSAI 45

20 ml of Polugar Classic Rye
60 ml of Sake Dassai 45
Yellow tomatoe juice
Edible thai basil and lemon zest perfume
Celery salt & Worcestershire sauce

Le Majestic Cannes

10 Boulevard de la Croisette | 06407 Cannes

A sumptuous setting for Emanuele Balestra’s Signature cocktails, Bar Galerie at Fouquet’s Cannes is a must-visit destination at La Croisette for enjoying a little break or snack in a modern décor, with cocktails, sweet treats and finger food. The bar’s trademark? The subtle marriage of alcohol and which this enthusiast of new blends cultivates directly within the Majestic.

Emanuele Balestra
Bartender at Majestic

Emanuele Balestra has been Majestic’s bar manager since 2014. Today considered a veritable alchemist of taste, he creates his own original take on some thirty cocktails with the help of his herb garden, edible plants grown on the hotel roof and insect farm. The insect farm is just another example of an approach that is committed to sustainable development and can be used to grow crops with optimum respect for the environment while effectively protecting the gardens from pests without the use of synthetic products. Another original feature, the plants used in cocktails are turned into bitters, jellies and cordials with the help of ultrasound equipment. This results in the creation of flavours never experienced before.

The 2021 Selection

White Overproof Rum
63%, 70cl

17%, 72cl