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Scotch Whisky

Whether official versions or independent bottlings, this year our selection of Scottish whiskies is particularly eclectic. Of these bottlings, which include many peated malts and some excellent sherry casks, we were particularly impressed by the Craigellachie 1970 from Gordon & MacPhail, The Daftmill 11 years old 2009 Sherry Oloroso but also the new creation by John Glaser, Compass Box, named This is not a festival whisky, to name but a few.

The 2021 Selection

Family Cask Collection - Bourbon Barrel - Selected by Kathy Wills - 54,2%, 70cl
Big Peat’s Finest D.Laing - 54,6%, 70cl
Family Cask Collection - Bourbon Barrel - Selected by Anthony Wills - 53,3%, 70cl
Family Cask Collection - PX Hogshead - Selected by James Wills - 58,7%, 70cl
Family Cask Collection - Ruby Port Cask - Selected by Peter Wills - 55,6%, 70cl
Family Cask Collection - Sherry Hogshead – Selected by George Wills - 56,6%, 70cl
The Single Malts of Scotland - 57,1%, 70cl
Reserve Casks - 48%, 70cl
G&M Connoisseurs Choice - 57,7%, 70cl
First Fill Sherry Hogshead - 62,4%, 70cl
The Character of Islay - 54,5%, 70cl
Sherry Hogshead - 54,6%, 70cl
Peated First-Fill Bourbon Single Cask - 53,2%, 70cl
20 rue d'Anjou - 56%, 70cl
Sherry Cask - 56,3%, 70cl
Burgundy Wine Cask - 52,7%, 70cl
Sherry Butt - 54,4%, 70cl
Peated Bourbon Barrel - 46,6%, 70cl
First Fill Sherry Hogshead - 61,2%, 70cl
G&M Connoisseurs Choice - 54,6%, 70cl
Sherry Butt Finish - 58,9%, 70cl
The Single Malts of Scotland - 53,3%, 70cl
Archive Release - 48,6%, 70cl
Sherry Oloroso - 60,6%, 70cl
Oloroso Sherry Butt - 46%, 70cl
Elements of Islay - 57,9%, 50cl
Spirit's Shop Selection - 48,4%, 70cl
G&M Connoisseurs Choice - 56,2%, 70cl
Cask Strength Collection - Whisky Live Paris 2020 - 65%, 70cl

Gateway in Scotland



Discovery of the universe of the Isle of Arran


Journey to the heart of one of the newest distilleries in the Lowlands.


Visit of the Edradour distillery and the warehouse of Signatory Vintage

Elixir Distillers

Didier Ghorbanzadeh and Oliver Chilton introduce us to PPMs


The secrets of the Family Cask Collection


What lies behind the creation of the Small batch Cotswolds x 20 rue d'Anjou


Seeking Australian single malts

United States

The conquest of American liquid gold


Exploration of Karnataka and the Amrut distillery's area


Waterford, the distillery of all superlatives

20 rue d’Anjou

Inside - The selection of the 20, rue d'Anjou range

Artist #10

Backstage of the 10th anniversary of the Artist series

Artist #10 International

Warren Khong & Eric Robin : contrasts, lights and relief for this cosmopolitan range

Artist Collective

A 4th edition on the theme of trompe l'oeil

Chess Investigation

A selection worthy of a thriller by

Version Française

Traceability, innovation and local consumption: Didier Ghorbanzadeh and Matthieu Acar reveal the secrets of French whiskies.


The iconic closed distillery told by Luca Gargano


Wise explanation on two 100% haitian bottlings : Clairin Communal Ansyen and Vieux Sajous


Didier Ghorbanzadeh, expert at La Maison du Whisky, and Gregory Vernant, owner of the Neisson distillery, explain us Rhum Agricole


The world of the Trelawny province's distillery


Let's talk to Alexandre Gabriel from Maison Ferrand


Discovery of the new distillery in Port-au-Prince


Didier Ghorbanzadeh, expert at La Maison du Whisky, and the Ogez Family explain us the fruits' maceration

Christian Drouin

Getaway in Calvados


The original creations of four inspired bartenders

Discovery Box Sets

Three discovery box sets born from the collaboration with DBI, La Maison du Saké and Velier


Tribute to Rita and Masataka Taketsuru for the 100th birthday of their wedding


The making of a prestigious cigar box
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